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 What are the STEPS to Freedom in Christ?


All Christians need to come to know and understand their identity, position and authority in Christ. Knowing those truths helps a believer in Jesus become a growing, fruitful disciple (follower) of Christ. Dr. Neil T. Anderson has been greatly gifted by God to present the biblical truths of our identity and freedom in Christ in a wonderful God-directed, liberating way. These truths are described in the books Victory Over the Darkness, and The Bondage Breaker which became the foundation of Freedom in Christ Ministries. But this teaching did not originate with Dr. Anderson, it is straight from the New Testament and is new covenant Christianity brought to us initially by the apostles Paul, Peter and John and further developed by the early Church fathers.

The Steps to Freedom in Christ is a biblically-based ministry tool which is derived from James 4:7— "Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” It is a gentle process of following the Holy Spirit’s prompting to deal with the effects of any sin committed by you or against you.

Going through the Steps to Freedom in Christ is taking personal responsibility for your life and spiritual growth. It is a systematic approach of examining your heart and life before the Lord and asking Him to reveal areas of your life where there are unresolved sin issues in the light of Scripture. Accordingly, you choose to confess, repent and renounce whatever is standing between you and your spiritual freedom, identify lies believed, and replace them with God's truth.



Step 1: Counterfeit vs. Real — Acknowledging past or present involvements in any counterfeit spiritual guidance, false religious practice or negative thinking about God and His ways.

Step 2: Deception vs. Truth — Acknowledging areas where your heart has been deceived and recognizing any defense mechanisms or other hindrances to receiving truth.

Step 3: Bitterness vs. Forgiveness — Listing any and all persons with whom you have been offended or hurt in order to extend forgiveness and be free from bitterness.

Step 4: Rebellion vs. Submission — Recognizing any patterns of rebellion against authorities in your life and repenting of such words or actions.

Step 5: Pride vs. Humility — Addressing strongholds of pride or willfulness that have hindered your spiritual growth and maturity.

Step 6: Bondage vs. Freedom — Acknowledging areas where the flesh has ruled, specifically sexual sins and addictions.

Step 7: Curses vs. Blessings — Recognizing generational patterns/curses and declaring blessing over your household and family.

 Preparing for the "STEPS"


Foundational Truths and Principles (Video links or embedded)

    • Biblical Worldview
    • Permissions – by our actions we can give permission to the enemy to have access and influence into our lives. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to help us identify those areas and cancel out the legal grounds given to the enemy and then intentionally keep those doors closed in the future.
    • Authority of the Believer
    • Renunciation & repentance, vs forgiveness
      • 2 Cor. 7:9-11; worldly sorrow may feel the same as godly sorrow, but the end results are radically different Many people are sorry they got caught sinning, but such sorrow seldom leads to repentance. Others may feel sorry for their sins and have an emotional catharsis and confess their sins to others. But if there is no genuine repentance, they will regret this action later. Godly sorrow leads to repentance without regret. People don’t regret finding their freedom in Christ through genuine repentance. They are thankful for their newfound freedom. (DD pg. 146)
    • Generational Issues
    • Soul Ties


 Conducting the "STEPS"

Self-led STEPS

Personal Freedom Appointment

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 After the "STEPS"

Daily Affirmations

Daily Devotions

Special Prayers

Stronghold Busting