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Online Discipleship - The Freedom in Christ Course

The Freedom on Christ Course is a 10 session video self-led course that lays a biblical foundation leading you to go through The Steps to Freedom in Christ (STEPS). The STEPS videos are the key focus of the course, leading you through a prayer exercise in response to apply what you have learned in the previous sessions.  Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length with pause for thought and a time of reflection at the end. This course is offered as an interactive study with support from a trained ministry Encourager to assist you in your journey to Freedom in Christ. Here is a brief description of each session.



 WHO AM I?:    To realize that our decision to follow Christ completely changed who we are. Deep down inside we are new creations in Christ, “holy ones”, who are accepted, secure, and significant (2 Corinthians 5:17).

 CHOOSING TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH   To understand that everyone lives by faith in something or someone. Faith in God is finding out what is already actually true and choosing to believe and act on it whether it feels true or not (Hebrews 11:6).


 THE WORLD’S VIEW OF TRUTH:   To acknowledge the world gives us a faulty belief system. We must choose to turn away from it and fully believe what God says to be true (Romans 12:2).

 OUR DAILY CHOICE:   To understand that although we still have fleshly urges that pull us away from relying completely on God and following His Spirit, we no longer have to give in. We are free to make a genuine choice (Romans 8:9a).

 THE BATTLE FOR OUR MINDS:    To understand that we are all in a spiritual battle. It’s a battle between truth and lies, and it takes place in our minds. If we are aware of how Satan works, we will not fall for his schemes (Romans 12:2).


 HANDLING EMOTIONS WELL:    To understand our emotions are essentially a product of our thoughts and the barometer of our spiritual health. Our emotional nature is related to what we believe (1 Peter 5:7-8).

 FORGIVING FROM THE HEART   To recognize what forgiveness is and is not and how to forgive from the heart. In order to experience our freedom in Christ we need to relate to other people in the same way that God relates to us—on the basis of complete forgiveness and acceptance (Matthew 18:34-35).

 PRAYER RESPONSE—THE STEPS TO FREEDOM IN CHRIST:   The Steps is a personal encounter with the Lord where we ask Him to reveal lies and areas of potential bondage. Although Christ has set us free (Gal. 5:1) the practical experience of our freedom comes as we take action to repent, submit to God and resist the devil’s lies and deception (James 4:7).

 RENEWING THE MIND:     To understand all of us have mental strongholds—ways of thinking that are not in line with God’s truth. Our success in continuing to walk in freedom and grow in maturity depends on the extent to which we continue to renew our minds and train ourselves to distinguish good from evil (Romans 12:2).


 RELATING TO OTHERS:    To understand our roles and responsibilities in relationships so that we can grow together in Christ and express true unity in the body of Christ (Matthew 22:37-40).

 MAINTAINING FREEDOM:     To evaluate what we believe in the light of God’s word and make adjustments where necessary so that we can stay on the path of becoming more like Jesus (1 Timothy 1:5).


The Grace Course

The Grace Course is a six-session video course with a special effective ministry component which will help you to deal with the things that get in the way of experiencing God’s grace. The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course is  highly recommended as a prerequisite to The Grace Course.

Jesus said that people would recognize His disciples by their love (John 13:35). Paul said “for the love of Christ compels us” (2nd Corinthians 5:14). The Grace Course is a tool for Christians to recover their first love for God (Revelation 2:4) so that they go on to love others and make a great impact on the world. In order for Christians to be motivated purely by love we have to get rid of false motivators such as GUILT, SHAME, FEAR, and PRIDE.

A true understanding of God’s grace provides the antidote to these false motivators. It is designed to help you truly understand the benefits of what it means to be God’s child: that no matter what is in the past, we are perfectly acceptable to God; that we don’t have to try hard to “act like we think Christians should act”; that we can simply live out of the truth of who we are – FREE, INNOCENT, UNASHAMED, COURAGEOUS, HUMBLE and ready to bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.